Pet Nutrition

As a pet parent, I worry about what my dogs and cats put in their bodies. As our environment becomes more toxic, we all need to protect ourselves. So, the food our dogs eat does not provide everything they need to be healthy. I have had two dogs die from cancer and two cats from kidney failure. In addition, most pets have some sort of allergies either to food or the environment. Therefore, in my quest to find solutions for problems my pets suffer from, I found PawTree. I liked the products and so do my pets, so I became an independent consultant.

Currently, check this core special out – Wild Alaskan Salmon & Pollock Oil + Gastro Pro Plus + Joint Support Plus + CBD Mega Set at 50% off. My dogs love the Wild Alaskan Salmon & Pollock Oil. My Senior German Shepherd, 16 years old, has responded very well to the CBD Mega Chews and has improved his mobility. His back legs were weakening, but within the last month, I have noticed an improvement since I started giving him the Joint Support Plus and the CBD Mega Chews. He is smiling and playing again. Finally, Bogart, my 9-year-old German Shepherd, farted a lot. I have been giving him the Gastro Pro Plus and all is quiet.